Questions from near Plymouth

Hi. I’m in the market for a GTO or 3000GT but I can’t find any for sale in the West Country.
Also, with Sumiyaka closed would I have to travel to Eurospec for reliable servicing?

Hi rob
@maxxbradley has a gorgeous one for sale ATM

I don’t seem to be able to post on his advert page. Where in the UK is he?

You should be able too. I’m sure max will be along shortly :slight_smile:


East Sussex area, just outside Brighton. Ive sent his car and its a beauty


There is also this one for sale too

Eurospec would be my garage of choice now and I was a regular customer of summiyaka , what the spec guys don’t know about these cars isn’t worth knowing

Craig :grinning:

As my wife has just reminded me, I need an auto.
We have a very steep driveway and backing up and carefully out onto a narrow road with, potentially, a bus, HGV, tractor, cars, etc suddenly appearing involves so much clutch slipping I fear for the clutch in my present car.

A friend of mine is selling a yellow Mk1 N/A Auto, I did put it up on here, it’s still for sale and a very clean example. Don’t think he’s asking too much for it, just got too expensive as a daily driver, and he changed jobs which meant he had to travel further. Has had the ECU repaired by the Doctor too, only a little while ago.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Thanks for that, Terry. It looks really nice.
Where is it? Do you have its details?

Will pm you later tonite.

Terry :sunglasses:

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In the meantime, I spotted this on Autotrader:
I don’t suppose there is a member close to Thatcham who’d be willing to have a quick look at it before I spend a whole day and a lot of petrol driving to see it?

That’s quite a lot of money for a non turbo car.
2000 plate car mk4 front end with a mk3 rear spoiler.

That sounds a bit odd. When was the Mk4 introduced?

more than likely someone just removed the mk4 spoiler as they preferred the hoop spoiler of the mk3.
Maybe it was an option from the manufacturer

Hi Terry. Any more info on the yellow GTO?

Will be contacting him tonite, he works away and I have been working really late hours.

If you want I can pm you his number, I’ll ask him and then do it, ok?

Terry :sunglasses:

That would be very helpful. Thanks, Rob

The non turbo mk4s all came with the hoop spoiler.
Only the mk4 tt’s got the big wing.