Setting up GTO group ins. I need stats

I have an insurance underwriter who says he can do a group insurance for us.

he says that it could be a lot cheaper than just going to an insurance company, because they can factor in that we were enthusiast and as such care more about our cars than the average person.

The underwriter said that he would need was some details about the club so that he could give us a quote.

Brendan has given me how many members we have.

I need you age (it is not on the membership form.)

What kind of mods does your car have?

Years No Claim Bonus.

The more members that answer thisthe better deal I can get.


full no claims
on 93 mk1 soon to have full body kit and after market wheels,
exsaust, filter, turbos and fmic

currently quoted £950

Aged 45, full no claims bonus, only mods are Fordy dump valve and stainless exhaust with cats removed.

Good luck in your quest to save us money :lol: :lol:


39 years old.

75% NCB (protected)

Mods as per sig.

Currently £646 fully comp with the missus on as well.


It’s about 1 year old but is the excel spread sheet for the “cheapest insurance ever thread” (which I have since stopped updating due to not knowing what is out of date)
It has details of No claims, mods and usage.

21, 2 years ncb, 3 points no mods, currently £1200 a year.

28 years old
1999 3000GT
Standard but BPUs to be done at some point.
Nearly 6 years NCD.
Paying around £750 with Privilege.

And another thing …

My insurance is currently £760 per year (I think) but I pay in installments (half of wealth is liquidity) which makes me pay another £150 quid on top!
I’m sure some deal could be made to reduce this to near zero which would make a large saving for those with less money and a better option for those with more.

age 31
1993 Mk2 Twin Turbo GTO
8 Points on licence 4 1/2 years ago
2 yrs no claims discount
Boost controller fitted
DN16 area code
£699 fully comp with A Plan

I think you might also need to know: age of car, TT or NA, imported GTO or UK 3000GT. They all affect insurance premiums, along with post code, profession, yearly mileage, convictions/points, whether you have a second car … if your contact is to make realistic comparisons and proposed premiums for us.

That said;
full (35 years) NCD
Imported '93 TT
with lowered suspension
GU46 area

93 TT import
Dual Exhaust

Full NCD (not protected)
3 points SP10
No accidents

£289 fully comp Norwich Union


Think i will need all mods included or they would never quote me!


21 yrs old
2years NCB
No points/convictions/accidents
Area GL50

The Car is…

1991 GTO N/A Auto,
Blitz Wheels,
Powerflow Exhaust,

£1423 TPFT Highway Insurance

Renewal in March '06

5 Years NCB
34 Years Old
1993 Mitsubishi GTO TT
Cat 1 and Tracker Monitor
B97 Area

Mods : After Market Alloys, Exhaust, Suspension, BOV, K&N Induction Kit, MoMo Steering Wheel (so no airbag)

Think thats about it

Currently pay about £700 Full Comp with NCB Protection from Direct Line


I just remembered a previous survey that included all the data you want:
‘spedley’ no doubt has the complete set of data in a spreadsheet.

age 32
1992 Mk1 Twin Turbo GTO
3 Points on licence 4 1/2 years ago
9 yrs no claims discount
SN3 area code

dump valve
front brake disks
air filter

£580 fully comp protected with Liverpool Victoria

5 yr protected no claims
Blitz ID3 boost controller
K&N Filter
18inch Alloys

£656 Fully comp with buisiness use, Norwich Union
this was with 9 point (3 * SP30)

Renewal due next month but now only got 2*sp30’s

91 GTO TT Import
Age 24
1 year NCB
EX13 area
mods as per sig

Scott :slight_smile:

25, full NCB. 6 points (2 x SP30), No Accidents (touch wood!), Area code = NE26




18" Alloys
Induction Kit
Performance Exhaust

Currently with Finsure via A-Plan, and paying £1100 Fully Comp, Protected.

Thanks for trying to sort this, mate :wink:


Don’t suppose you could have a word with Shell too, and get us a group rate for Optimax could you :lol:

Aged 27
5yrs NCB (now protected -WOO HOOOOO :lol: )
no points, NE12 area

1994 TT imported
18" alloys, spoiler, lowered, de-cat, air filter, dump valve

currently looking at(as renewal is up in 7days) £1095 - GSI Ins (Cheers Tina)