Silver gto mk 1tt possible breaking due to frozen engine

Silver mk1 possible breaking as previous owner didn’t have antifreeze in engine I didn’t realise and started it to warm it up it got warm pretty quick I shut it of straight away but was bubbling so not sure what damage is done yet till it gets a bit warmer and defrosts lol

Ouch! If it’s knackered I might need a few pieces mate

Id be interested

It’s suppose to be warmer over the weekend so will try starting it I’m pretty sure something happened to water pump as it started making noises then went away but still ran perfect part from overheating so didn’t jump timing I think the impeller got ripped apart

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My guess is it will be ok had some overheating problems in the past and it caused no damage


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Check the thermostat first, l had this, stat stuck, new one no probs, its just like boiling a kettle if its stuck.

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So started her up today and didn’t overheat but coolant is spitting out of filler neck took of thermostat and opens and closes as it should so I’m assuming head problems

Ok so gonna start breaking this unless someone wants to take as a whole will start stripping at the weekend if no interest will put pics up in a bit

Where are you based ? @petermartin2009

Luton I’m always in huntingdon if that helps

I’ll message you

Can I have dibs on the weather strips assuming they are in good nick no rips etc
And depending on price.
And thermostat housing complete if the outlets are not rusted away.

Yes mate will let you no by the weekend when I start stripping

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Please can i get front drivers side wing? as well as the passenger side wheel arch wing please.
As your in Luton i may get my brother to pick it up for me.


interested in the exhaust tips


Can I have first dibs on the seats please…? Do the rears match the fronts?



Sorry Justin someone has already dibbed them if he changes mind will let you no but yeah there all matching half leather

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Few bits taken of today takes longer then I remember lol most of engine stripped down trying to get heads of so so far I have
Mk1 engine ecu rebuilt by ecu doctor £180
A digital heater display all lights up works fine £100
Stereo and pocket and surround £40

Will add stuff as I get it of