Silver gto mk 1tt possible breaking due to frozen engine


Does the stereo have an aux in?


No it’s just a basic CD player with iPod connection


Ah, OK. I’ll pass then ta.


You lost some more Simon or preparing for next loss ?


lost some more, should have taken the others off



Hi Simon the exhaust is blowing just about everywhere so I’m happy to take the tips of how many do you need


these are first come basis now half leather seats matching rears and passenger 280


Take all four if that ok



Be interested in both outer A pillar covers


Never sold any before lol so just make an offer as you brought some before


Hi Colin £30 a side I can deliver to you if needed these are a bit awkward to post


Please mate been after a good set of silver ones



Please could I get the drivers side front wing? And the passenger side rear wheel panel the one with aerial in it.




No worries Colin il give you a heads up when coming I still have your number I think


Hi James what do you mean the arch liner at rear


I will get wing of on Tuesday


Hi it’s the body panel that runs from the door to the rear lights - a big peice that has the hole in it for the aerial - not sure on the proper name :grinning:



Cheers 10 characters


Haha that’s part of the chassis only way to get that of is cut it


Rear quarter