Silver gto mk 1tt possible breaking due to frozen engine


Don’t worry about that peice then I can fix mine - was looking for a lazy solution :grinning:


Lol yeah tjat would be a lot of welding lol the front wing is easy tho


Cool I will take the front wing may get my brother to collect as he lives in Luton.




No worries mate will be ready to collect Wednesday then 40£


Cheers - will ask him :grinning:


Thought you wanted silver ones mate these must be gold plated :rofl:


Hi Pete,

My brother can collect this on Wednesday please can you pm me your address and a time for him to collect? He will pay the £40 cash on collection.




Hi Peter.
By any chance are windscreen vent covers (demisters ) ok and up for grabs also looking for key and barrel lock for the boot these can be posted so will pay
Pm me if available to sort price.


Hi Pete. Are the windscreen wipers arms in good condition? Thanks


Vents are snapped usual place il look at getting boot lock out and get back to you


As usual with vents
Yes let me know re lock and key🖒🖒


Hi Pete
How much for door and boot seals please


Hi have you got the in cabin fuse box cover?
Jerry :grinning:


Hi mate is this 5 or 6 speed? H plate im guessing its 5 with an 18 tooth transfer shaft


Yeah 5 speed im assuming unless a diffrent box was fitted


Did you actually drive tye car? If so how did the gear selection feel? And is there any visible leaks from the gearbox? Mine crunches like a mofo into 3rd when warm :laughing:


Yeah its a smooth gearbox i littrally drove 30 miles to mine and parked it up but @tomkeep1985 has already dibbed the gearbox if he changes his mind il stick it back up for sale


Il fight him for it, naked, and greased up :laughing::laughing:


Hahaha could make a great event for parts lol


Forget to say I also have a complete spare 6 speed and t-case that could be for sale if you want to convert the car.