Silver gto mk 1tt possible breaking due to frozen engine


Im sure i read somewhere id need the 6 speed prop, selectors and not sure if the clutches are the same?


Clutch is the same. The selectors you can get off graham’s and you only need the first part of the prop. Bit that goes into the t-case @markie1978 has done it.



How many blowjobs from the wife are we looking at for the 2 boxes? Does the gearbox select fine and no leaks? Are there many benefits to going 6 speed?


For 6 speed conversion you need the box transfer case gear selector (in car part) the selector cables and the front part of the prop from transfer box to prop



Ive just been reading up aparently you can use the 5 speed cables :smile:


Not sure yet. Need to decide if I want the spare box. Mind you if the internals you require on your 5 speed are the same as the internals for the 6 speed as I know some are I may have parts you require - defo have a 6 speed 3Rd gear.



I think its just 3/4th synchromesh itslef, which alone is beyond my financial abilitys to replace at the moment :joy:


Well if it is the same as the 6 speed I think I’ve got one in good order @GSXRKID will know that you could buy.



Sweet, cheers il await his reply, il be waiting a long time, i asked him about 2 years ago to price up a full seal kit for my gearbox and tranfer box :joy::joy:


Got about another 3 to wait then :rofl::rofl:


give him a ring hes mega busy right now :stuck_out_tongue:
just might be on the phone for a bit lol