Simply Japanese 04th August 2013 Beaulieu

This was a great event last year it was the first one in Southampton and attracted well over 300 cars.

Got a lot of interest last year as the only GTO there even made the final 20 cars to drive round the estate. Best bit was when the skyline owners went past sarcastically saying ‘oh look another stock GTO’ ha ha didn’t see them getting voted by the public to drive round the estate lols. Anyways if no one else goes I can be centre of attention again but if you feel you must follow my lead then it will be great to see any other owners there.:slight_smile: :lol:

The price of the ticket last year included walks around the grounds, falconry, bond in motion, car exhibits, go carts were extra.

If anyone needs any local info post up, otherwise if people do want to go we would have to arrange to meet up and go in together.

Hi, i am going to this :). Neil

Would of been there but am at Wilton House again…have a good time and hope get another good result like last year.

Some photos from last year

yes dear, its a wheel

awesome that will certainly turn a few heads and get us some ‘likes’ wanna arrange to meet up closer to the time.

Definately coming to this, does anyone fancy meeting on m3 services? As if we want to have the cars together we need to arrive together :slight_smile:

Sounds good, i am happy to meet there. Neil

I’ll have to meet at the event or as you come off of the m27.

We can meet you as well, surely there is somewhere we can meet even if its just outside :slight_smile: neil

hi like to come would it be ok there for of us dif cars my son s2000 son in laws honda type r and inlaws skyline we would love to join convoy. :lol: simon

Don’t see why not, will they be able to keep up :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I have a friend with a type r as well who will be coming along. Neil

as long as they don’t mess up the parked line of GTO’S, make them park in the corner or something :lol: :lol:


Ok so this is on Sunday this week. Anyone got any idea what services to meet at on m3? And who’s coming?


Why dont we meet at the Rownhams Services M27 between junction 3-4 ready to leave about 9am, so we can then all drive in together. I will with a couple of Honda drivers.


works for me.

Gav :wink:

Should be good :slight_smile:

I’ll be glad to see You all there.

See you all at the services.:slight_smile: