South West meet?

Right now the football season is done and I have my Sunday’s back for the summer I’m happy to organise some South West meets.

So come on people give us some thoughts on where we shoud go for a general club get together and what events in the south west we should be at.

Is the South West Motor Show on this year? Or the show at Mount Edgcumbe nr Torpoint?

There is of course Run To The Sun on the next bank holiday in Newquay, but I won’t be driving - [RowleyBirkinQC]usually I’m very very drunk at the time.[/RowleyBirkinQC] :lol:

South west motor show at Newton Abbot is on the 21st June

Mt Edgcumbe classic and american show is on the 1st August

I thiink it’s not on this year Dave, unless he has changed his mind.

Im up for a meet, just let us know when.


Your right, just had a look at the race course site and its not listed.

Message I was sent:

George Massey February 26 at 4:55pm Reply
Hello everyone, just to let you know i will not be running the show this year, i have thought about this for a long time, and it was a hard decision to take, but i need time out, a year off, i will be back for 2011, bigger and better, maybe a new venue :wink:

Thanks for all the support, see you all soon xxxx

Didn’t there used to be a car show in July?

Yes there was one in Exeter, I would personally never go to it again. :frowning:


Me neither, its moved now as far as I know as the site had so many complaints about the noise and strippers etc.

hi dave
would like to meet up with everyone again , its been awhile,


me too :slight_smile:


How about spending the day at Exmouth? its a great beach and there is plenty to do there along the beach and in the town for everyone. Rather than just a couple of hours we could make more of a day of it. If we park up in the same place (i’d suggest the car park at the end of the beach) then set a meeting up point people could come and go as they want during the day.

Any thoughts?

nice place exmouth, go there often in the summer.


That sounds a better idea, count us in :smiley:



Right, how about

Sunday June 20th.

Exmouth - car park / exact location to be confirmed but will be near the beach.

We will get there for about 11 and be there all day as will have the kids with us.

We can pick a central place which will be open / available all day and we can use that as a meeting point during the day. There are a couple of bars / cafe’s on the see front that would be ideal for this. Then if anyone wants to go off and explore or play on the beach etc then there’s no restrictions.

We will definately be there so if anyone else wants to join us then the more the better. Could even have a sand castle building contest :lol:

we will be there :smiley:


Exmouth is a good idea we were there over the bank holiday weekend like you say plenty to do and see. It’s got my vote it would be nice to see the locals

I’ll see how I go, drove for about 1 hour today following my op and knackered me leg.


**Can’t make this one guys… car will be having a bonnet respray :frowning: