Spring Action day 2018

(A Stevenson) #1

Hi everyone,

Well wanted to drop a message and a link below and wondering if anyone is up for going to Spring action day 2018 held at castle coombe track 7.4.18!

Link - http://springactionday.com

I have checked online tonight and noticed that the event itself for club bookings are on hold and may be over booked however not 100% sure and not always the case if a club or two may drop out wondering if anyone else wants too represent the club this year at Spring action day if we can? Because as a club we missed it last year and as an individual went last year and was quite a good day to help start the season as there is lots to look at.

I’m hopeful enough of us will fancy going :pray::thinking:, so if possible one of the club admins etc can make our interest felt if another club backs out? As am sure we will make the day better with our gt’s and gto’s their :+1::grin:.

Look forward to seeing if we can attend :wink:

(James Jones) #2


We usually do JDM at Castle Combe. I would be interested as it isn’t far. Have you contacted them regarding a club stand? Happy to help sort out if we can get enough member interest.


(A Stevenson) #3

Yes bud,

I have dropped them a message so touch wood we can get enough interest and we get the :+1: to attend.

I didn’t contact them initially because wasn’t sure if we have a process we like to use? Or a dedicated member who arranges the events, Anyway any reply I receive I shall post here. But if anyone wishes to sort this for the club who normally would? It would be much appreciated just encase you know anyone at castle coombe who can fit us in if we do go?:blush:

(Lukasz Sojka) #4

I am out. :frowning_face: I will be traveling to Poland with gto :slight_smile: I have taken a holiday from 2nd of April

(Tracy Parkin) #5

Hi @bigton3000 a breath of fresh air to see a member with enthusiasm for getting a new meet off the ground, so well done.

In answer to your question any Member can organise a meet, you won’t be stepping on anyone’s toes who normally do it, au contraire, we are normally crying out for help in this department. I for one/two(@stevie) , are stepping back from organizing meets this year, but will help a willing Member where I/We can.

The Committee will always provide help and guidance where needed and are around if someone is struggling with the Admin side of dealing with venues/club bookings/contacts etc and will step in and show people know how to go about stuff.

Club equipment is also available, we have a vast amount but this needs careful planning for access beforehand as due to storage, various items are located in various parts of the UK, so if needed Members who are attending normally pull together to get stuff to the meet.

Hope this helps, it’s not a bad date, the AGM would normally be a problem for this one, but this year it is in May, so maybe Members will be chomping at the bit to get there car out there.

Good luck.


(A Stevenson) #6

cool, well happy to help were I can have a few other dates wanting to post so will do those soon also,

However had two replies from Castle Coombe so I am hopeful anyone generally interested can post it down here so we can book because we have been added to the reserve list [this year the event looks even bigger as last year was not as busy ]which is actively growing and also they wish to know how many cars we are wanting to bring so I am like erm?? lol. Please see emails below.

Thanks for your email.
We’ll add you to our (growing) reserve list! And will let you know on the 5th of Feb if there is any space available.
Kind regards,


Sorry can you advise how many cars you would like to bring?

So basically if you wish to attend please note it down on here and hopefully we can get a good day booked.:blush:

Any advice on a reply would be appreciated as I don’t want to missead or misrepresent the club sure I can answer them back however would prefer knowing what is what first :thinking:.

Cheers :blush:.

(A Stevenson) #7

Right guys really need to know if we are attending this event I think we have secured a space however please see email below.

I am kicking off the list by stating below and starting the list.


How many cars did you want to bring to Spring Action Day?

What is your contact number?

Kind regards,


List for attendance for spring action day please add add your name so we can get this sorted

1 - bigton3000 (Ton)


(Reece Cambridge) #8

I’d be interested

(James Jones) #9


Can put me down for this.


(A Stevenson) #10

1 - bigton3000 (Ton)
2 - reece.cambridge
3 - James3000GT

Anyone else please add your name and following number,I’m trying very hard to secure this event and once confirmed I’ll get info about club booking for tickets etc.

(A Stevenson) #11


Just got this email.

Please see below we need to sort this asap.

Hi Tony

We have been trying to get hold of you – could you please confirm numbers for your stand by end of week – we will also require payment for the car passes. Please ring us on the office no to book.

Many Thanks


(Mike Jenkins) #12


I can make it! Looks like a good event, good mix of cars. Please could you add me to the list.


Mick J

(Steve Parkin) #13

Glad to see @bigton3000 undertaking this event.

Anyone who can make it, message @bigton3000 to confirm as he is up against it sorting numbers. Those going communicate amongst yourselves to arrange flags etc. If you have any probs with the merch give me a message and we will see how to get these to you.


(Jensen Richardson) #14

Would like to get to as many meets as possible this year.
But can’t commit to this one as it’s the day before my birthday, and unsure of plans at the moment.

(A Stevenson) #15

Right guys so, we are booked in for the event however we cannot add once it goes past tomorrow 4pm which is the cut off.

If you definitely want to go you’ll need to contact the team at castle coombe I’ll add the number later today with details. also will need to note it down on here so I can update them how many of us will be attending.

The pass’s are £15 each and luckily we have managed to get a spot as they are at capacity however once booked that’s it I’m afraid we can’t add to the stand afterwards so please make sure you sign up if your coming and payment will be required by tomorrow 4pm also to secure your pass.

Please add your name to the list if you wish to attend and look for my further update soon later today.

1 - bigton3000 (Ton)
2 - reece.cambridge
3 - James3000GT
4 - mickJ

(Reece Cambridge) #16

How and who are we paying?

(A Stevenson) #17

Right guys, as advised.

You need to call this number,

01249 782417 it’s for the castle combe box office.

Advise your wanting to book/pay for spring action day and give your club details obviously state it’s for GTOUK.

Once done make the payment of £15.

All done. Then you should be sorted.

Tickets start getting sent out start next month encase any one wondering but I must keep them up-to date so please add your name and book if you are coming.

Remember deadline to pay and book is 4pm tomorrow.

Looking forward to it :blush:

Oh p.s please keep us updated who’s paid and all sorted :+1:

(A Stevenson) #18

Morning All,

Please remember tickets have to be paid for today 9.2.18 by 4pm.

Please can you keep the post updated once you have paid and if you do wish to attend add your name to the list below and follow the details above on how to book/pay.

It’s vital I know how many of us are going and when paid so I can confirm its our final numbers :+1:.

T :slightly_smiling_face:

(James Jones) #19


  1. James3000GT (booked and paid)



(Reece Cambridge) #20
  1. James3000GT (booked and paid)
  2. Reece.cambridge booked and paid