Spring Action day 2018

(Mike Jenkins) #21

Mick.J (booked and paid)



(Reece Cambridge) #22

So have we got a place ?

(Colin Lockyer) #23

Think 5 of us are booked at moment

(A Stevenson) #24

Colin did you book and pay also bud?.

(Colin Lockyer) #25

Yes mate all done

(A Stevenson) #26

Did you do it now mate? The event organizer has just advised me you haven’t? And it must be done today she’s said as its final bud. Can you let me know when you did and I’ll tell them. Cheers
Edit I’ve sent you a couple of p.m’s mate.

(A Stevenson) #27

Alright guys, so quick update I’ve received below also mentions about track times if anyone interested if so detailes below and on the official site.

Spring Action Day - Exclusive Sessions Available!

Good Afternoon,

First of all, thank you for booking your stand at Spring Action Day and for your hard work sorting out your members and getting them booked and paid for. We are pleased to announce that Spring Action Day is now completely full and we cannot accept any more car pass purchases. This does mean that your numbers are now final and cannot be added to.

Secondly, we do have two exclusive track sessions which we are currently holding for any club that may wish to purchase either of them. If you are interested in these sessions, please can you let us know by Monday 26th February. After which date, we will release these times as standard track sessions if there is no interest.

We are starting with site allocations next week, and will start sending out your passes within the next few weeks.

We’d also just like to thank you once again, especially as we have a new registration + booking system for 2018, so thanks for sticking with us as we smooth out any bumps! J

Kind regards,

The Action Day Team

Castle Combe Circuit

(Reece Cambridge) #28

Looking forward to this

(A Stevenson) #29

Right lads,

Got my ticket today so expect your soon, we’re at the grey entrance near tower corner as pictured!.

Do we know what the plan is for merchandise?.


(Tracy Parkin) #30

We aren’t attending this one Tony but you can order Club T. Shirts etc for delivery in the Club shop on here.


(David Perkins) #31

@James3000GT has an events shelter I can if you wish post out 2x large flags to go on that, you can attach them with bungy straps.


(James Jones) #32

I am attending this event - I will see what we have with the large events shelter - Dave if you have any flyers could you post me some.

Also i have some club banners that stevie gave me last year so we can put them in front of the cars as usual.


(Tracy Parkin) #33

We have the fliers @James3000GT if you pm me your address I’ll post you some.


(David Perkins) #34

You say you have ones Infront of cars do you mean big flag poles fluffy ?

(Tracy Parkin) #35

Are you coming to the AGM @bigton3000 great event to meet members and hear from the Committee how the Club is run? Give your own ideas etc.


(James Jones) #36

No I don’t have the pole ones. Just some loose banners


(James Jones) #37

Will do cheers.


(David Perkins) #38

Right ok so will send you two of the large flags we had made for being posted around… It’s what they are for not sitting in my shed… ( that’s shed no car jokes please )

(Reece Cambridge) #39

I had my ticket come through today, may be up for sale if anyone would be interested :sob:

(James Jones) #40

Received all this today - cheers. Need to go and start mhorag up - just haven’t used her for a couple of months due to other priorities. Battery booster ready, mhorag ready 3,2,1 go! Sorry watching vintage gladiators :joy: