Spring Action day 2018

(David Perkins) #41

No problems… just don’t watch fast and furious or you will be thinking NOS like I did :rofl:… smokin… probably :astonished:

(A Stevenson) #42

I’d love to but i’m busy then i am afraid :thinking:, Any other i can have a say at all or a input? on the other hand i’m hoping the sun will be out for this one so watching the weather closely, are we all sorted for the club stand stuff chaps?

(James Jones) #43

Hi yes, I have some banners and flyers. I will try and bring the event shelter so If we are on a good grass plot we can put up if weather looks a little wet.


(A Stevenson) #44

Looks like a bit of a wet one lads hopefully it will sort out, anyways will see you in the morning :blush:

(Tracy Parkin) #45

Hopefully have a great day guys, get some pics for us that can’t be there.


(David Perkins) #46

Good luck lots of photos please, anyone want to go Facebook live?


(James Jones) #47

Bit of rain in morning but should be fine for the afternoon.



Have a great day folks, I’m sure you will do the club proud :sunglasses:

(Mike Jenkins) #49

I’m aiming to get there by 08.30, I always take sun cream and a raincoat to Castle Combe! Already looking forward to a bacon roll and a cappucino from the nearest van when I get there :slight_smile:

(Mike Jenkins) #50

Sorry Dave, I still havent got round to this social media malarkey. Does Friends Reunited have a live function I can use?


(Jensen Richardson) #51

Have a great day guys

(James Jones) #52

I will aim to get there for around 8 as cars need to be in before 8:30.


(Mike Jenkins) #53

Good point James, I’ll aim to get there at 8 too.


(James Jones) #54

Sat in traffic outside - not the best organisation :joy:


(Mike Jenkins) #55

I’m in, we got a good spot, out of the mud.

(Mike Jenkins) #56

Hiya Buddy,

Couldnt find you before I left, decided to make a move before the rush. Thanks for getting this event off the ground, really enjoyed it. Hope your car makes it back ok.

Pics to follow, some good cars there! A good day out, nice one. :smiley:

(A Stevenson) #57

Again, thanks Mick, anyway crazy day guys had some issues but all in all good show, nice catching up with @mickJ and @James3000GT, not sure what happened to @Colin_GTO but we were keeping an eye out for you.:thinking::blush:

Anyways here is some of the pictures more to follow :+1: hope @reece.cambridge will make it next time but some pics to show you the day :smiley:.

Had the pleasure of advising some people to join the club and meet new people as well who have gto’s one pictured who apparently is on the facebook part but obviously I advised the place to be is the forum :wink:

Let me know guys how you like the pics more to follow.

(Colin Lockyer) #58

At moment mine looks like this

(David Perkins) #59

Just a little teaser on what a packed year we have coming up… Can’t wait to see it unfold and be part of the GTOUK team.
Well done mate again.


(Tracy Parkin) #60

Great pics Tony, glad you enjoyed the day, well done for arranging it and promoting the Club.

Look forward to meeting you personally at a meet some time.