Still looking!

Hi all, I am still on the look out for a GTO, I didn’t realise I joined this club in 2010, it’s been a while!

I look in the usual places like eBay and AutoTrader but there doesn’t seem to be many about anymore, is that the case?

Hi Alex,
Surly you’re not looking since 2010.

Not for the whole 10 years fortunately! On and off, I bought a 300ZX in the end when I was first looking and I have owned numerous cars since then, but never a GTO.

I just haven’t found the right one yet, I thought about importing one but the prices are absolute nonsense.

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They’re getting scarce now alright. Best of luck with the search.

Mainly down to which model and condition your after.
Whether or not you mind doing some work on it if finances won’t stretch to a really good condition car.

I am not technically minded at all, I probably couldn’t change a bulb! So ideally something in good condition!

My budget is £20,000.

Well you should easily find something suitable in that budget… is there a particular shape you’ve been looking for? (e.g. Mk1, Mk4, etc.)

You might get a queue of people offering theirs for £20k! Although with the work many put into their cars on here there are many who definitely wouldn’t let one go for that.

Good luck with your search.

There’s 1 for sale on here from London, might be worth looking at, obviously club build bonus

If you’re spending 20k you’ll probably get the best gto on the planet😂

Unfortunately not! When I was looking at importing one it was £30,000 and up for low mileage MK4 examples.

I’m no expert on import prices but dont think anyone is paying guide prices.

I have seen 2 cars I am interested in buying, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice:

I have been wanting a MK4 and that is the one I am drawn to, the only thing is that there is no MOT or service history with the car. Does anyone think that would be an issue even though the car is very low mileage? The dealer seems reputable and I have spoken with them a few times.

The MK3 is the MR model which I have also been looking for. Looking at side by side performance tests the MR is suprisingly quicker in a straight line compared to the non MR models that have the 4WS etc.

I suppose ideally if I could choose anything it would be an MR MK4, but did Mitsubishi make any MR MK4 models?

Certainly did make mk4 MR,s that’s what my car is.

■■■■■■ hell. That’s a price for a Mk3 that I didn’t think we’d be seeing any time soon.

The Mk4 is in excellent condition but as you say, service history and MOT missing may be a concern. If it has ever been MOT’d in the UK it would be useful for checking if the mileage is genuine.

I would factor in the price for a cambelt/water pump service on buying a GTO anyway.

The Mk3 is in good condition, cloth seats is a surprise for that price. But yeah, being the lightweight MR means it will be a bit less of a chore to maintain.

Both very nice cars but that really is top price.

The MK4 was supposedly imported into Northern Ireland brand new in 1999 and that is where it has remained until now, so there are no MOT’s that have been conducted in England. Another question I have, on the white MK4 does anyone know what the small raised parts are on the front and rear bumpers on the passenger side? I have tried looking at other MK4 cars and I can’t see them on any others.

Do you think these are overpriced? What should I try and negotiate if I want to purchase either?


The raised marks on the passenger side of the bumpers are a kind of parking sensor- they must have been an option on later cars from Japan as my MK3 had them as well - the black part.

If the white one has been in northern Ireland since 99 it would have been mot’d at some point but our mot centres are government run and there may not be a trail to follow. These guys sell a lot of high end cars and are solid afaik. As has been said it would need to be perfect for that kind of rent.

Ah they are parking sensors, seems odd they are only on one side though?

I actually had another reply from the DVA today, apparently their systems have changed so they can only see history from 2016 onwards, so the car may not have been stood around for 10 years or so but it is still a while at 5 or 6 years potentially.

What would be the things to check for on a GTO that hasn’t been run for a while?

Hi mate here is the post for the white one on face book you can see tje pictures of the underside covered in underseal.■■■■■/permalink/4542671322438079/?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment_mention

Sorry forgive my ignorance, but isn’t underseal a good thing to prevent damage from salt etc? I don’t have Facebook so I can’t see the photos at full resolution.

The conversation appears to suggest the the underseal is a negative thing?