Supercar Sunday

I have received the details of this years Supercar Sunday being held at Gaydon again on the 27th of June

If there is any interest in this event i will happily organise it again .

As per last year there will be a parade lap of the L/Rover test track with a photo opportunity at extra charge plus free admission to the museum and the chance to enter the show arena

Last years event was good with a wide array of performance and supercars on show .

Pictures from last years show can be seen in this link

Attendees list

Craig + 1
Boo +1
Tani +1
Team Zombie + 1
Paul W +1
Richie + 1
Dan (silverfox)
Spike +1
Steve and Tracie
Shaun + 1
Medic one

Julian + 1 minus car
Damon and Sandra & daniel minus car
Merlinsabre minus car

so we now have

14 cars and 30 people 8)

Craig :slight_smile:

I’m gonna meet up beforehand again with the PH lot at the Ace in London but also really enjoyed the GTO convoy last year so hopefully we’ll have another good day.

And i’ll be on time this time :wink:

Sounds like somewhere we should send Nick for an event.

me. :slight_smile:

Put me down for this one, looks like it was a brilliant event last year!


i’m there matey, as long as you are with your gto???


yep and me … get it sorted ya yobbo :lol: :lol:

Yes I will be going to this one.


CRAIG Do you no if thier is track time again BEST WISHES PHILLIP (silver surfer)

me n tani be up for this one again thanks craig .very nice day out

Yes there will be track time again Phillip as per last year , should be able to pre book it again will post up the relevant links closer to the time :slight_smile:

Craig :slight_smile:

I’ll be up for this again :smiley:

Rich :slight_smile:

yeeeeaahhh the club spokesperson is coming again :lol: :lol: nice one richie :twisted:

Will Stevie be joining us then? :lol:

Rich :lol:

Ok Guys i will be updating this post shortly can you put whether its just yourselves or however many extra tickets are required .

I would like this to have a bigger turnout than last years we had 11 cars would love to see more and show how supported our club is :slight_smile:


Craig :slight_smile:

I’ll try… :slight_smile:

I will see if we can get some of the Essex Mob to come along too…

Will let you know the results on Wednesday

Cheers Rob

You’ll be going with or without your car :wink:

Rich :smiley:

Me + 1 passenger


2 cars and 3,4,or 5 pasengers posibly ,will know nearer the time

I have started to update an attendees list on the first post , i will add or ammend as people let me know who and how many are coming

Craig :slight_smile: