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Hi All

I would like to ask every GTO owner on this site to tell me there insurance Quotes so its will benefit us all in the future at the moment i am 21 paying £1100 with tesco TPFT and i (like everyone else) would like to get it as cheap as possible.


Mk2 TT MR, 26 years old, £750 fully comp with mods.


Standrad Mk 1 TT import

Direct Line: Female, 29 years old, 7000miles, 5 years NCD and One named driver Male 28, no NCD.

£770 fully comp +10% direct debit =£880

*(tracker required for theft cover)

Ouch! I am 28 with an NA 91, and I am getting stung for £1200 fully comp with Tesco! admittedly I have recovery and replacement car cover, but I much prefer MostlyRemoved’s price. Where you getting it from mate?

Mk1 GTO N/A, 5 years NCD, 25, Male, 3 points, 10,000 miles, Fully Comp:

£725 PA with A-Plan Imports

TEL: 0121 561 6250


i would say A-Plan imports are good for a quote

1991 GTO TT, a few minor mods

33, full NCB, 3pts £870 a year


£550.83p fully comp on a 92 tt import, 25, 5 years on claims, 2 conviction’s(speeding :roll: )and with mod’s, with insurance corporation.


26 Full NCD and 5 year protected policy.
92 GTO TT NO MODS(declared !).
Cat 2 immobiliser.
Insured at the moment with Bell direct, renewal due on 26/06/04 and Bell direct want £1068 for unlimited milage social domestic and pleasure.

(I really need to phone around !!!).


93 TT import £385 full comp Norwich Union Direct, strangely enough they wanted £785 for a 91 TT import; 37 full NCD one non fault accident last year no convictions.

Didn’t even ask about mods just wanted a CAT 1 Alarm/Immobiliser fitted.


22 2yrs ncd no mods declared clean licence (puts head in hands and cries) £2200 fully comp. 91 TT unlimited milage. gotta ask, r u sure u got insured on a gto and not a 3000gt?!


Just got my renewal this morning!!
33,full ncb protected,cat 1 system 1990 TT
£390 fully comp with Frizzells :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

im 20 with a 3000gt tt 93 fire and theft 1700 with allen and allen


At 53 with 9 years protected NCB I managed £540 fully comp. That’s for me and wife with mileage limited to 7k a year.
Chaucer through Peoples Choice. Insisted on a Cat 1.
Initial quote through AA (been with 'em for years with other cars) was £1200! Keep looking around is my advice.

1993 MK2 TT, 18,000 miles/year. 27 years old, 6 years NCB, 3 points tracker and a thatcham 1

£850 with Norwich Union fully comp with protected NCB


The story so far …

Please leave enough information to add you onto the table!

let me fill some blanks there… 4yrs NCB, with a 4000 mile a year limit and mods declared. the company is FOOTMAN JAMES. No requirements but i have the usual compliment of security.


92TT import, cat 1 alarm fitted, 30 yrs old, 7 yrs NCB (protected), 8-10k limtied miles (can’t remeber exactly), £580 full comp, thro Frizzlle, home location is swindon.


If everyone fills in their details, we can all bookmark it, and keep a good look out for the best prices latest.

It is already there, you can sort and show relevant quotes, and ithere are details for the insurers mentioned.

Would save you guys poting verey time we wanted to see what the best deal is???

Cheers, Ewan

Nice one Jake! (I think thats your real name Mr Spedley) :smiley:

Thats a very usefull spreadsheet. Maybe when its a bit bigger this could have its own place on the site, along with all the relavent insurance companies numbers/web addresses.