Thinking of selling, mk2 TT 412bhp

I’m thinking of passing on my munched loved Mk2 GTO TT. It’s an L reg '94 with lots of tasteful mods to pump it up to a whopping 412bhp.
It had £thousands spent on it including a full engine strip down and rebuild via Rob at EE some 18 months back, stripped balanced professionally and has done approx 25k miles since.
Mods include big intercooler system, 13t turbos, fuel rail, Denso pump.550cc injectors, MAFR Pro unit, spec3 carbon clutch, huge twin straight through decat exhaust which just sound amazing. It turns heads everywhere I go. Ice upgrade includes upgraded speakers, amp and two massive subs in the boot which sound awesome.
It’s been very cared for and wanted for nothing. Amazing original, in tampered wheels. MOT’d in April, recentl oil/coolant and thermostat change, and various belts - power steering etc. can belt was changed during the engine rebuild.

A bit of laquer peel on the front bumper, some scuffs to the alloys nothing major, the important bits look, run and sound beautiful.
It’s just not economical enough now to be my day to day car, I’ve some fun in this and I’m sure the next owner will have years of trouble free motoring with her.
Looking in the region of £4,350, Im not going to give her away!
Pictures will be uploaded or emailed on request.

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It’s in bright red, interior and exterior in very good condition. I will upload pics shortly.
Apols for the typos above!!!

Get it mapped properly and enjoy it !!

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It’s not the map that’s the problem, it’s the pleasure of an occasional heavy right foot!!


Hi could you email me details and photos please, if it’s still available.
Email is: [email protected]
Thanks Andy

Sold sorry.


Blo0dy hell, that was quick!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

It was a good car with ■■■■ loads of money spent- went straight away!!


Lol terry it was advertised in sept… It’s now jan :-p

Oh! yeah… :blush: :blush: New Year 'n all, the posting day should be bolder then I wouldn’t miss it, have to make an excuse as it was listed as a new post in the blue bar at the top of the page!!!

Off now to get a load of MDF for a base box. Boom Boom!!!

Terry :sunglasses: