Thought I would say hi properly

(Michael Hedges) #1

The year was 2001 and I had a black 91 GTO TT and was a member of GTOUK.

I would take the car to some GTOUK days out from time to time.

To say I was silly with the car would be an understatement… In the bid to get more power out of it I used a cheap bleed valve and upped the power…

On a GTOUK rolling road day it was producing 450BHP… but was reported that it was looking unhealthy… but being my younger self I just thought of the numbers… and that the cars running fine…. Until the day, I melted a piston…

I then proceeded to try and fix the car myself and located the problem piston… sourced a replacement part and started to strip the engine down and installed the replacement part.

But being young and stupid I didn’t change the big end shells and well… The first test drive out…… knock knock knock…

Engines were out of my price range back then as they were almost the cost of the car so I sold if for spares… someone on here purchased the hole car so I’m hoping that it’s still on the road and being looked after more than I looked after it…

The only part of the number plate I can remember had “BUF” in it.

Sadly the GTO/3000GT was the one car I have always missed, and I would look in from time to time to see if any in my price range…

Fast forward 17 years.
After going on for years about how I missed my old one the other half said to me just get one then!

I managed to save and got a Blue 98 3000GT that I got a year ago.

See here “unsure why I could not sign in using that login anymore”

I started to fix up the car and still have plenty to do on it, but it passed its 1st MOT with me with no advisers.
I managed to meet up with some of you guys from GTOUK at Billing last year to say hi as I lived 2 miles away :slight_smile:

Needless to say I’m not going to do anything to this car to kill it… After waiting all this time, I am just going to enjoy the car for what it is and bring it back to its former glory.

Lol GTO/3000GT Fame! :o :wink:
I was the first one to come across the problem with the TT fuel relay, which resulted in the Fuel relay bypass you guys have today :slight_smile:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #2

Keep it simple we all learn from our mistakes :wink: :+1:

(Jerry Castle) #3

Welcome back and enjoy the car, a nice stock car has got to be a good idea.:+1::+1::+1:

(Tracy Parkin) #4

Hi @M_pro,

What a story.

Sure me and Steve must have met you at Billing last year.

Good to see you back and a Full Member, we are there again on the 13th July for our GTOUK Birthday Bash if you fancy coming along again. Always a great meet, more of an eat, drink and be merry type than a car show, but really relaxing after a hard weeks work.

Full details are HERE


(Scott Robertshaw) #5

hey welcome aboard mate.

(Terry Wilkes) #6

Welcome back, as Tracie says, must have met you last year at Billing, were you the one who looked at @CDMH’s car. I remember someone having a look at Craig’s motor, must have been you.

Just booked on MY calendar that weekend off, just have to book it with 'UK now. I know, I’ll wait until @Tracie gives me s…t!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

(Michael Hedges) #7

Thanks for the welcome guys :slight_smile:

Ive been looking for info on my old car and i have been able to track down the number plate

H602 DMY sadly… last MOTed in 2008…

But on a funny side i managed to find an archive of my old Site! “i apologise for the popups… but its the only copy of the site i could find”

I completely forget i created some white face gauges for the community then also

The archive even had my old Relay bypass how too!

There where even some pics of my old car… i lost all the pics years ago too!






Me at a GTOUK meet in 2001!

i have more pics from this meet if anyone’s interested


Jae at billing that was by the looks of it

I can make out @3000gt just behind your car

(Terry Wilkes) #9

Did he block out all the other cars @CDMH? :thinking::joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


Playing with fire :fire: there mate , Simon can make you disappear

(Spiros Kapadohas) #11

Fuel Relay bypass could be added to How To category !

(Michael Hedges) #12

Yep it was JAE at billing 2001

More pics here


Great pictures there and some real characters in some of them

(Steve Parkin) #14

Welcome to GTOUK buddy