TICKET UPDATE - Japshow Finale - 1st October - Santa Pod

(David Perkins) #81

I handed you those I though you put them in the car mate?


That was at the birthday bash wasn’t it ? Buggered if I can remember now lol , will have a look the weekend when I put the interior back in

(David Perkins) #83

Dunno I’m always pissed :joy:


You asked I looked :wink:

Got the two banners in the boot compartment

(David Perkins) #85

Told :joy: you I’m like an elephant

(Colin Lockyer) #86

Not what Anna says :wink::rofl::rofl:

(Jensen Richardson) #87

I gave the 2 flags I had to mark to take to jae.

(Mike Jenkins) #88

I’ll be able to make it on Sunday, not been involved much this year, so be good to catch up. Paid via shop




Good to hear Mick :sunglasses: , been a while since coombe

(Mike Jenkins) #90

Certainly has, had a lot of plans for gto but time slipped away from me this year so haven’t done anything, apart from changing front fog light bulb, which Mk1 owners will know is like trying to paper your hallway through the letterbox. Active aero still in the garage after that little bulb change.

(Jerry Castle) #91

paid yesterday via PayPal and visa guest, do you send this ticket Steve?
Cheers mate.

(Tracy Parkin) #92

OK this is now closed and removed from the Club Shop.

The tickets will be sent to the Club and then posted out to each of you to the addresses given on your shop order.

These will be purchased by the Club today, so all being well should be with you within a week.

I will update here the progress of sending them out as and when.

Thanks all, see you there should be a great Club meet.

Tracie :rabbit:


Looking like a great club turnout :sunglasses: Pity the 100 year meet clashes for some of you

(Kevin Rhodes) #94

I’ve got a load of banners etc from the nec show shall I bring them ?

(Tracy Parkin) #95

Think with this kind of Club stand we won’t be able to put banners up as we have nothing to fasten them to, so we’ll just have to get as many flags up as we can.

Would like to have 4 flags, 2 at the back of the cars and 2 at the front, to create our area as such.

Thanks anyway Kevin.

Tracie :rabbit:

(Tracy Parkin) #96

So @ScottMR is bringing 2 flags - sorted, thanks Scott.

@ms8leach could you bring another 2 please, whichever size you have, ideally we would like 4 large, but 2 of each will do the trick’ish.

Tracie :rabbit:

(David Perkins) #97

@lukas has the pole flags Tracie he’s bringing those

(Tracy Parkin) #98

‘pole flags’ are they Polish or GTOUK ones?

(David Perkins) #99

When I gave them to him he said great look lovely outside my car wash :joy: joking @lukas… just take the fkin flags :kissing_closed_eyes:

(Lukasz Sojka) #100

Hehe :slight_smile: They are GTOUK ones.