TICKET UPDATE - Japshow Finale - 1st October - Santa Pod

(Tracy Parkin) #101

Tickets and Stand Passes have arrived with the Club and will be posted tomorrow morning 1st Class to the addresses on your Paypal.

Postcode for SATNAV - NN29 7XA

On The Day Information.

Stand Passes must be displayed upon arrival with your Reg. No. on.

We are in Orange Zone.


Opening Times

For Weekend Passes - 8am Saturday 30th September 2017

For Sunday Day Passes - 7am on Sunday 1st October 2017

Day visitors we need to be on our Club stand by 10am on the Sunday.

Look forward to seeing you all there, last car show on our Calendar this year, lets make it a great one with lots of pictures to promote us on here, Facebook and Instagram courtesy of @DavePerkins even though he’s a ‘No Show Dave’ he’ll be working behind the scenes on behalf of GTOUK.

Tracie :rabbit:


I’m shy so will park at the back :joy:

(Tracy Parkin) #103

Don’t think so :joy:

(Jerry Gauci) #104

Hotel booked and ready let’s hope the weather holds on nicely.
Be nice to meet you guys and gals again.


Any plans or does anyone want to meet up somewhere just outside in the Sunday morning ?

(Scott Robertshaw) #106

most of you will probably drive past my house happy to meet here and drive the 20 minutes there togrther


I’m up for that mate

(Jerry Gauci) #108

I’m staying at the hind hotel is this near you @ScottMR

(Scott Robertshaw) #109

Think thats in wellingborough mate? if so your 5 minutes from santapod and 20 to me

(Jerry Gauci) #110

It is mate got good deal for the night for 50 quid

(Lukasz Sojka) #111

What time and where excatly?

(Scott Robertshaw) #112

Not sure yet lukas lets see what develops


I can be at yours for 7 Scott :wink:

(Scott Robertshaw) #114

what time do we have to be in i cant remember


Gates open at 7 need to be on stand by 10 reading @Tracie post a bit further up :grinning:

(Scott Robertshaw) #116

all good then mate cuppa and bacon butty here then cruise up to the pod?

(Scott Robertshaw) #117

@lukas,see above mate your welcome too im in northampton


Can do that mate :sunglasses: Will check autoroute for exact times , will I be breakfast for Shelby and diesel ? :flushed::joy:

(Scott Robertshaw) #119

No mate they like there sunday lie in,they sleep in there own room out the back

Anyone else wanna meet up to drive in together,im about 20 minutes from santapod

(Lukasz Sojka) #120

Ok. So at 7 at yours. I will ask for address later.