TICKET UPDATE - Japshow Finale - 1st October - Santa Pod


Just arriveed by post.


mine too,im officially ms parkin


Got mine as well thank you.
Would have met up at yours Scott but I’m the other side of santa pod.


I am thinking about 1/4 drag race…


Arrived safe n sound


Last year the queue for the strip was ridiculous at this event mate.
£20 for 4 runs. But if the queues are like last year you will spend all day pushing your car around and still might not get all 4 runs done.
I was going to run last year but glad I didn’t bother.
Did consider it for this year but it’s better to do it on a non event rwyb day.


mine arrived safely today too thank you :slight_smile:


Mine arrived and is filed in a safe location .

In the cupboard in the dining room !!!

At least by putting it here I will be able to remember where the safe place is :joy::joy:


@Tracie thanks for organising this meet , another example of the work you do in the background without wanting the attention , well tough your having it :sunglasses: Looking like a really good turnout for the club .


Thanks Craig, but Steve typed those envelopes… promise :hugs:

Tracie :rabbit:


Cool he’s got his typewriter now then :wink:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: elephant memory :grin:


Thanks got my ticket yesterday thanks again see you all next week will arrive about 5pm sat for a knees up lol😈


As said going up Sat afternoon anyone stuck and need a lift Ipswich a14 to Santa pod or back give me a shout
Chris Diego lol


12.05 am @Tracie :joy::joy:


Tonight…cheater :grin: better delete all your post replies @DavePerkins :joy:

Tracie :rabbit:


Not sure if I ment to receive my ticket by now but not come yet.


I’ll be there at 8am Friday morning getting my bbq on with dave and getting the vodka and cokes out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: will anyone else be there early or just us


@gto_power1 your ticket was sent to the address on Paypal as per pm sent.



Ok maybe the post round here is slow and hopefully I’ll have it Monday
Jerry :grinning: