TICKET UPDATE - Japshow Finale - 1st October - Santa Pod

(Tracy Parkin) #141

@gto_power1 I phoned Santa Pod today regarding your missing ticket as it should have turned up by now and it’s getting a bit too close for comfort.

They have printed you another one - same Ticket No. 281, I will pm you details where to collect it and Stand Pass on the day and also my mobile in case there are any problems when you get there, but it all sounded straight forward to them on the phone.

Tracie :rabbit:

(Kevin Rhodes) #142

Anyone fancy wrapping these for me on the weekend I’ve had ago and not happy with the 1 I’ve done ??

(Tracy Parkin) #143

They aren’t easy to do at the best of times @kevin_rhodes and a car show isn’t the right environment at all, it would require a flat surface and electricity for a heat gun.

Tracie :rabbit:

(Kevin Rhodes) #144

Dam it ok :grin:

(Rebecca Weatherburn) #145

Received my tickets which is great, however, cant now get my car back till the following weekend… :roll_eyes: guessing that I cant just rock up in the Caddy lmao

(Tracy Parkin) #146

They say the majority of stand cars have 2 be Japanese so I guess you should be OK Bex.

Tracie :rabbit:

(Rebecca Weatherburn) #147

Cool, so I can just hide the caddy/audi in with the others and hope it goes unnoticed lmao :smiley:

(Colin Lockyer) #148

Park by Dave :wink:

(Jerry Castle) #149

got my ticket thanks, see you soon

(Jerry Gauci) #150

What time you guys are aiming to be there tomorrow?

(Mark Peasnall) #151

i can get there anytime plan on taking it into the yard in wellingborough and giving it a bit of a wash off first thou

(Lukasz Sojka) #152

what time at yours Scott sunday morning? and what is the address?

(Scott Robertshaw) #153

7am mate i believe @CDMH is getting here ill pm my address


Was going to message you later for your addy mate :grinning:

(Lukasz Sojka) #155

Ok. See you at 7.

(Scott Robertshaw) #156

lets wake the dead at 7am

(Christopher Dunnett) #157

Anybody at Santa pod feeling like Billy no mates lol😢

(Mark Peasnall) #158

Yes mate Kevin and Dave are about and I’m at the gtouk stand

(Christopher Dunnett) #159

Be there 5mins cheers


Great turnout and day , even the chilly weather couldn’t stop us .

Sorry to those I missed who left while I wad on walkabout .

Bring in the Xmas bash I say :sunglasses: