TICKET UPDATE - Japshow Finale - 1st October - Santa Pod

(Scott Robertshaw) #161

Echo what @CDMH says,great to catch up with everyone again,considering the crud weather it was a great meet and again GTOUK stand out,constant traffic arount our stand and im not suprised we really do turn out some cracking motors,sorry to those we missed when we left we did hold on aslong as we could

7am outside chateuxMR

Convoying with me mates…priceless

GTOUK at its finest

Im back at the pod end of this month for flame and thunder and still have local meets fortnightly so no real season end for me hope to be able to make the xmas do ,roll on next year…:heart_eyes:

(Scott Robertshaw) #162

Never seen such a bombardment of our club stand at santapod popping up all over tinternet from various photographers we must have smashed it this year.

Icing on the cake we even got a really good slot on santapods official video of the event

Watch from about 1min 40 sec…smashing it gtouk stylee

(Christopher Dunnett) #163

Hi great wend at Santa pod except breaking down on a6 on way home thanks for the 3 members who stopped to help most appricated thanks again waiting too find out why no gear selection available seems linkage is all ok more expense :cry:

(Jensen Richardson) #164

Sorry to hear that Chris. Hope it’s nothing too expensive.

(Christopher Dunnett) #165

Thanks I couldn’t select 1st or 2nd after leaving the pod so thought all to do with problem but when lifted gator to check linkage a b… cig lighter had wedge into linkage stopping shifter fromgoing over to engage pulling away in 3rd gently (it is uprated paddle clutch)wouldn’t wreck the clutch and would have noticed the smoke and smell it’s just not selecting any gears clutch peddle feels ok there wasn’t any noises either anybody got any ideas
Thanks Chris diego

(Jerry Gauci) #166

Leaking slave cylinder?

(Christopher Dunnett) #167

What do i know f… all it was the clutch :joy: