Transfer case / transfer box


I need some help/advice,please.

I have got a 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4/Twin Turbo (6speed). And I very resently made a oil change in gearbox, TC (transfer case / transfer box) and diff.

Gearbox and TC got Castrol Syntrax Longlife GL5 75W-90. And I put 550cc in the TC after it drained, as instructed in the recall bulletin you know.

I can hear a very very faint whining noise when giving it a little throttle while driving the car. When I get off the throttle the whining stops.

When Im just engine braking (no throttle, rolling in gear) I hear nothing. If I give it a lot of throttle I can only hear the engine and turbos :slight_smile:

I never drove the car long distances before the oil change, so I cant compare to then.
I am worried that the noise is coming from the TC…

Please tell me what you think, guys?


Does your car have an aftermarket air intake. I have exactly the same year and model and mine does exactly the same. The guys at eurospec tell me it’s the air flow resonating as it’s being drawn in during acceleration and thier is no damping as with the oem one. I suppose the big question is was it doing it before the oil changes?


Yes, I have got a big KN airfilter :slight_smile:

As I said: I never drove the car long distances before the oil change (and a timing belt / cam belt service that was badly needed when I bought the car in March) so I cant compare to then.


Yeh same here.

If it’s not a metal on metal sound and you only here on acceleration it could just be that simple.


Alright. I guess I can relax then :slight_smile:

How long have you driven yours with the whining noise?


Since I owned it so just over a year and have done around 6k miles. I also had a big 60k service all the belts and all the oils and it’s still there as a whistle noise on acceleration.


you should onty put gl4 in the gear box
this is due to the metals in the gear box
gl5 has additives which eat away these metals

Is that right @ms8leach,i asked for recommendations from opie oilman

Free shipping on all orders over £35

GL 4 Gear box
Transfer case GL4 GL 5 whatever

so this is no good for my gearbox?

That’s what’s in mine

thats what was recommended so what im waiting to put in too

If rob has recommend that oil it will be fine

Couple of Years ago I’ve changed the gearbox - transfer box and rear axle oils ( GTO TT 93 around 93 around 86.00 on the clock ) with the same one Scott, less than a Year later 1st and 2nd gear started to get notchy. Replaced the gearbox oil with RED LINE Synthetic Manual Transmission 90 MT90 75W-90 GL4, problem solved.

This recall bulletin is it for all years?
I always put 270ml as per manual mine is 1990 mk1 tt 5 speed

Jerry :grinning:

Everytime I talk to anyone about gearbox oil advice I get is use gl4. Never use gl5 it eats brass rings in gearbox.

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I phoned opie when I ordered all my oils. Mainly to make sure I got the gearbox oil right. They have sold me this.

It is a gl4. Looks the same as what @ScottMR has got, just packaged differently.
@spiros is this no good? I said I didn’t want to mess around with gearbox oil to them on the phone.

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If this is the case and the reason for the same 1/2nd notch I will be fkin angry that I’ve put in the wrong oil via an expert on here! @GSXRKID think you need to throw some light on this asap.

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To throw some more confusion on this…