Under-sealing and rust protection

Hi all

I recently bought a GTO and am in the process of fixing all the bits and peaces that need doing.

I wanted to get the car under sealed and rust treated/rust proofed. I was doing a bit of research and found a company that sound professional and look to provide a thorough service. They are called rust buster www.rust.co.uk

Cost is £320 plus vat for the service. They need the car for about 1.5 days.

I wanted to ask if anyone here has had there car under sealed and if you know of this company.

Thanks in advance


All I can tell you is I had mine undersea led at eurospec for about £90 ish might have been £90 +vat.

For £300+ is expect everything to be 100% … Using a chemical to turn rust back to steel. Remove every body panel to get underneath properly. Remove all heat shields, fuel tank, drive shaft, prop, subframes. Everything … Treat then seal. And if they are doing all that… The. £300 is well worth it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

This is what they say they do:

Rust proofing your vehicle the Rustbuster way includes the following. Rustbuster are the only vehicle rust proofing experts working to an audited ISO9001 approved sytem.

Your car is steam cleaned using Rustbuster CHLOR-X salt remover.

Your vehicle is then moved to our workshop where it is dried using infra red and air. We use the US Master blaster warm air system. for a bone dry vehicle within 60 minutes of steam cleaning.

Any under body plastic protection is removed prior to treatment.

Once dry any loose rust or coatings are removed from the vehicle underside.

Surface rust is treated with our award winning Rustbuster Fe-123 rust converter and allowed to fully cure.
For the full rust proofing service all of your vehicle cavities are then injected. Sills, chassis, subframes, doors, A,B & C pillars, hatch doors, boot and bonnet seams using the Canadian Hot Fogs high presure airles injection method with hot Rustbuster 3125 cavity wax. The underside only service does not include anything above the door sills but does include the rust treat ment and injection of sills and subframes, chassis rails, out riggers and cross members.
The final application is of Dinitrol 4941 Black underbody wax, exactly the same product we use for MOD vehicles. All of the suspension and underbody is coated, excluding the Brakes Hubs engine gearbox, driveshaft and exhaust.

Welding repairs by our fully qualified staff will be made prior to rust proofing. Any unexpected rot will be recorded and you will be kept informed at all times prior to any work taking place. All weld repairs are cleaned and coated with Rustbuster Epoxy-Mastic 121 the actual weld is seam sealed with Sikaflex 521 UV prior to being coated with Dinitrol 4941, we keep a photographic record of all weld repairs which will be given to you on a Rustbuster USB stick on collection of the car.

Facebook page looks pretty full. Few nice looking classics on there. Maybe worth a dabble. inspections and maintenance is cheap too. you thinking of going for it?

I was going to book it tomorrow just wanted to see what you guys thought of it.

i used the dinitrol stuff on the underside of my car when i had it all apart a couple of years ago. its good stuff, sticks like shite to blanket! £300 does seem about right for the work involved as it takes age to get inside all the nooks and crannies.


If they do all that and your keeping the car then go for it :slight_smile:

I was thinking of doing something like this, sounds good to me and if You do it tell us the results !

This is on my to do list soon as ive replaced all of the metal fuel/brake pipes under mine, seems like a good deal…

See if they are willing to do a group buy might get some interest from the last half dozen on here at a minimum.

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I would go for that if we can get a group deal, it saves me crawling around under the car for 2 days lol…

I’ll give them a call and ask them if they are willing to give us a discount if there is a group of us.

I’ll let you know what they say.

voodooist666. You said that you replaced all the metal under yours. I need to replace some of the heat shields and the heat shield for the fuel tank especially as it is rotten. Where did you buy yours from? Did you buy new parts?

Similar Company - Might be of interest if you want 50% discount before end of March i.e. £197.50 + VAT instead of £395 + VAT

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for your recent enquiry for your Mitsubishi 3000GT. Rustmaster Hatfield is moving to new premises in St Albans and will be closing on Tuesday 31st of March and reopening on Monday 4th of May. With this in mind and the past salt laden roads we would like to invite all customers who have their vehicle treated on or before Tuesday 31st of March to our half price moving premises offer. This represents a significant saving on our professional services. Until we close we are open 7 days and a courtesy vehicle is available at no charge.
Please feel free to contact me on below numbers to book or for any enquiries.
Best wishes again,
Michael Miller
Operations Manager

Rustmaster Ltd., Symondshyde Industrial Estate, Symondshyde, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 9BB
VAT Registration 880 698277
Registered Offices, 2 Victoria Road, Harpenden, AL5 4EA
Tel. 01707 274819 (office)
Tel. 07788 583313 (mobile)

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Thanks for that spargo. I will call them tomorrow and speak to them.

Comparing the info on there website with the rust buster one. Rust buster seem to give a more thorough service/treatment and also treating any rust with Rustbuster Fe-123 rust converter before applying wax. I am not sure how good this bit is as I do not know much about these procedures but I’ll speak to them tomorrow.

This might help, it’s what they sent me originally.

Thank you for your enquiry, the cost to professionally rust proof your Mitsubishi 3000GT is £395+vat.
Below is a brief description of our process, it will take our two WAXOYL trained technicians approximately 6 hours to complete the treatment. You are welcome to stay and view the process, make use of our loan vehicle or free drop off/pick up service.

The RUSTMASTER treatment is carried out strictly to the Waxoyl Professional system for application of its Professional trade only products for which we are the sole UK authorised and supplied user. Your vehicle is raised and machine hot steam pressure cleaned to remove any dirt and mud and rust scale. The vehicle is then machine dried underbody.
It is then inspected to make sure there are no hidden problems. We then treat all box sections internally, bonnet, wings, doors, boot lid, sills, chassis, sub frame and cross members with the new Waxoyl professional 120-4 cavity wax. We then underseal the underbody comprehensively and precisely with the superior new professional Hardwax. Done this way treatment is guaranteed for 5 years with free annual inspections.