Web Chatroom for us all

I know this has been a topic which has been brought up a couple of times since the change to the new website, but I think it has been over looked and dismissed because the new site “acts like a chatroom”.

I’d like to reopen the discussion because I feel that there has been a very valid point which has not been considered. Well in fact a few of points.

  1. I have spent many nights sat in the old chat room talking to @CDMH (because he always seemed to be sat in there, obviously has no life ;)), and there are things I would discuss in a one-on-one setting that I wouldn’t really want recorded for the whole community to see;
  2. I accept that a chat room will take some conversations away from the board, but would you want everything to talk to someone about to be audible to everyone else? I also accept there are PMs but that isn’t the same as a flowing chat;
  3. With the new found mobile access, there would likely be more use of the chat room as people could access it with greater ease in the evenings and during the day.

Just wondered what others thought, especially now I have raised there points?

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I liked it and had a good chat with @CDMH and a few others just after I joined which made me feel very welcome.

Didn’t see anybody on there ever again but thats not to say I don’t think its a good idea, I do. I’d like to see it again.

So you think that is a good thing to add to a forum, you are both on facebook use their chat, That is the problem with this is we cant record it which means we cannot moderate this, this has caused problems with members and we cannot control this.

We need to traffic to add value to our site and this really has an impact on the traffic, for this community to survive we needs traffic and new posts, if we add the chat and facebook surely we are back to stage one.

Again traffic from the forum, why would we want this, it only devalues the site. Facebook exists for random chat with friends. This is a car club any chat that has any value should be posted on the site. Anything else bad language, un-tasteful comments should be push via other networks or use PM. We have a live chat now so use it, we have a lounge, I really like logging in everyday and read posts whatever the topic, for example talking about fishing, your favourite beer, what are you up to on the weekend, whatever it is add it in the lounge. Is the value of calling each other a f$%6king kn£b really value and do we really want to encourage it.

Sorry this is just my opinion, adding chat to chat site, its not the way to go in my opinion.


Sorry, where/what is Live Chat?

We are using it in every topic, you have commented it comes up live with no refresh, we are in effect in a chat room. The chat room had a few extra features the main one being the conversation was removed (not recorded or left live).


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Got it.

Post must be at least 15 characters.

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It was a feature of the old forum for members - a general chat window - think of it as a poor version of Facebook chat.

The new forum actually updates topics much like “chat” - if you are near the bottom of the topic and someone posts it updates immediately on your screen with the most recent post highlighting it for you to read.

Yes that correct the reason for that is, without content it was making the search function on the old site rubbish (which everyone got frustrated with). So by forcing a minimum amount of characters topics gets found easier and more relevant to the exact topic.


Understood, all I wanted to say was ‘Got It’ so you knew I’d read what you said, couldn’t think of anything else to say so just pasted in “Post must be at least 15 characters.”

See your point, but that’s what the like button is for :smile:


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I do think it is a good thing, especially as by using the chat people would still be on the forum. I could use Facebook but then I wouldn’t be on the forum to see new topics and replies.

It would be traffic on the forum, but it wouldn’t be recorded in the topics. Sometimes I’d like to talk about things not related to the forum, or even related personally to me that I would share with some members and not others. I agree there is Facebook but once again, it takes me away from the forum. It’s not necessarily un-tasteful or abusive comments but it just might not be something I’d post about.

I’m not just trying to be a pain, but I do think that there is a call for the fully live chat side still. As opposed to the minuted meeting rooms of creating a topic.

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It wasn’t before it was in a different window, so you still needed switch tabs to view the forum, so hence you could have been anywhere.

At the moment it is not on a priority list as we have much more important issue to resolve. The chat is public anyway, anyone can join in and read your conversations, so that’s no different that writing on the forum, you say its not recorded but you would be surprised how many people know how to use a print screen button :slight_smile: However if you wish to chat private why not use group PMs or a normal PM both of which runs as live chat, so this does this. In effect the same as Facebook chat where this functionality and has been accepted and successfully proven, What else do you need?


Ok just tried this for myself, if you send a message add any users in the chat, it flows really well. You will get notified in a message so that all also encourage you to come in and chat.

This shows you can add it several users.

If you do not wish to come online, you can answer it as and when you wish to, so the user has the choice.


Rome wasn’t built in a day.

There are far more important things on the agenda first security and daily running and tweaking our requirements. This is state of the art in way of forums. At the moment we are being spoilt by having this kind of forum with technical advice near enough on hand most times of the day :smile:

Remember these guys are interrupting their daily work for this.

Please be patient guys :slight_smile:



I too support the idea of abusing my friends online without having to be sued for slander, infact this was the primary reason I went on ‘chat’ or even came to meets. So if there is a way of inter-twining the ‘abuse’ factor back into the forum then please let us know cos I’m having withdrawellllssnessess. You gits.


Agree with Neil its not a priority , but I would like a chat room version back , I found it a really good way to break down walls before meeting people , people like @Boo , gave him loads of abuse before meeting him so by the time we did felt like I had known him ages .

Infact ive met a lot of good mates via chat before ever meeting them face to face .

Topics in chat tended to be completely random and switching between topics left right and centre which cant be created on facebook without tagging everyone in

See how it goes though guys , @NAS and @DeanMarkTaylor have enough work at the moment

Craig :slight_smile:

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Try the Group PMs it works perfectly well for this, try what we have first. Its what we are all using on facebook anyway.

I know what your saying Neil and do part agree however using the chat on here for many years I found it much better than even the facebook chat we are using .

one key reason is/was you could see on line and you didn’t have to invite people in .

Chances are I would never have seen @Jeemy or @Steven_Smith as newbies and randomly invited them into a chat as one its slightly stalkerish and not natural lol.

But hey that’s my slant on it as I was a frequent chat user and have many a laugh in there over the years .

Craig :slight_smile:

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So if all we need is a section we can say anything we want in, why not just use a new lounge section that the content gets deleted at the end of the evening if your worried about content being recorded. In my opinion terms need to be added so people know what they are entering :smile:

Sorry not trying to be awkward here, but for struggling to understand some points, for example Steve mentioned he would only tell certain people stuff on a chat when anyone can login at any stage, So why not just use a new lounge section that the content gets deleted at the end of the evening if your worried about content being seen.

You can message or group pm anyone during the conversation and all the functionality is there.


Totally agree Gavin, but at the same time we all know how this could backfire, there is a very important reason chat facilities adopted by all the major corporations/communities has a record of everything single comment even if its not displayed publicly. :wink: