With Deepest Regret

As a very close friend this is the hardest post on here I’ve ever made.

With the permission of her loving husband Dion (Dejay) I sadly tell you that our lovely Lel had a sudden heart attack this morning and passed away.

We are all here for you Dee, as and when you need us.

Folks we appreciate a lot of you have contact with Dee & Lel on Facebook, but for the time being Dion would appreciate a bit of quiet time to come to terms with the shock he is in, so if it could be just kept on here till he is ready please folks.

So sorry Dion, you know where we are if you need us.

Lel you are part of this club with Dee and it won’t be the same without you X

Steve & Tracy

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So very very sad .Totally shocked

Had a wondefull time with Dion and Lel this past weekend even talking about the next upcoming meet .

Such a shock and so hard to believe

Dion our deepest thoughts are with you , Yourself and Lel were a major part of our meets . Lel will be fondly remembered by those that knew her . You knew she was around by her laugh even if you couldn’t see her ,

We are all here for you Dion

Deepest sympathy


Dion I’m so so sorry for you. Lel was such a wonderful woman, despite only having actually met her twice I really warmed to her such a loving caring person.
Our hearts go out to you Dion if you need anything you know we are all here for you.
Love Steve and Jemma

It was so sad to hear from you today, me and Samantha are still in shock. We were only just talking about all the meets that the four ended up attending on our own. We are going to miss Lel so much and are thoughts are with you.

Anything we can do or if you want to chat please give us a call.

Neil & Samantha.


as I probably didn’t make much sense on the phone, just to say we are here for you if you need us, try and stay strong for your babies, you know Lel will be watching you so you got to share your toast - or else.

No mans land is probably where you are right now but remember you don’t have to be there alone.

Love Us.

Steve & Tracy

Absolutely shocked, can’t believe it had to re-read the info 6 times or so before it finally went in.

So very very sorry for your loss, deepest sympathies to you and your family.

All our love Gavin, Kerry and family.

We are in total shock to read this.

So sorry for your loss. We found you and Lel very welcoming when we have met you at the meets. She was a lovely lady. She will live forever in our hearts and memories. When you are ready there will always be support on here for you from all your GTO UK family.

Look after yourself. Your babies still need you.

Deepest sympathy
Jo and Dan.

Sorry for Your loss Man.

Sorry for you loss, this is such a shock!


Really sorry to hear this Dion. My deepest sympathy.


Sorry to hear the horrible news Dion.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Lel was a wonderful and happy woman, she is a huge loss to the club.

So sorry for your loss.

Hi Dion,

Words are useless tools when trying to convey feelings and emotions, but you can be assured all our thoughts and sympathies are with you. I can’t imagine what you are going through right now, but I wish you strength and courage during this dark time and we are all here for you with plenty of love when you need us.


Hi Dion

Really sorry to read this post, My deepest sympathy goes to you.

Word fail me today and i feel so sad for you.

Regards Rob


Please accept our deepest sympathies.


Don’t know what to say but if you need anything we’re here.

So sorry to read this, my deepest sympathy Dion.


No words will ever convey how much pain and suffering you are having at this difficult time and our paths have never crossed but mine and sheenas thoughts are with you & are saddened to hear of your loss

martyne & sheena x

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So sorry for yuor loss, deepest sympathies.

Rob & Jen

OMG Deepest sympathies from myself & Diane :cry: :cry: