Would you like me to do Pattern Parts?

Beanus brought up a valid point in another post about part availability now and in the future
And i have posted this here so EVERY ONE can read it

At this current moment in time there is nothing that i cant get from Mitsubishi in Japan that would stop you keeping your car on the road.

The couple of items that have been deleted and could have caused problems i have either Re-manufactured or found another way of sorting the problem part to enable you guys to keep the car legal, safe and on the road.

Some of you also simply do not have the necessary spare funds to buy the correct item and have to look else where to obtain a part cheaper than the cost of the correct Mitsubishi item,

So my question is this would you like me to source some pattern stuff that would be NON Mitsubishi in origin, but would be cheaper to buy.

I would source stuff that would carry my 12 months warranty as normal but would be cheaper to buy.
I would still make sure it was a high quality as i will not sell rubbish like others will, but it simply wont last as long as original Mitsubishi stuff will

So its up to you guys to let me know what you think about this ?
I am here to help you and support you, so some feed back would be good

Cheers Rob

I guess sooner or later we’ll have to go down that route if we want the cars on the road and not in the scrap.

Tbh mate, if I Wanted patten parts I can just go down to atoz parts in stafford town centre, the reason I don’t is they are crap.

They are ok for a quick fix or someing like an oil filter but that’s about it.

Just my opinion.


I would say thats a great idea. As youve mentioned a 12mnth warranty and not selling junk versions. As lets face there are varying levels of quality with them and i would prefer to buy pattern from you if needed than ebay or the likes of. Win win for everyone in my eyes :+1:

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At the time I owned my car I guess it would have depended how quick and available they were , I’d rather have had a pattern part turn up 2 days later than waiting weeks for an original

Prop mounts for instance , think I waited 2 or 3 months for them , which missed the deadline for me using my car for my wedding , pattern parts if available could have had me running again

Horses for courses I guess

Craig :slight_smile:


I have been thinking about this all morning and to be honest there is not going to be a huge amount of a parts to be honest.

I built a section that is off line on my website to populate if i needed too and my list is less than 20 parts i can remember that are available.

Mind you if i get Steve and Andy mixed up there could well be more !!!

I’m properly poor so I would go for pattern parts over genuine just because of that fact.
I can’t be the only one in the same boat. I know it’s not the best solution, but it’s cheaper and it works. Even if the parts are just a stop gap before replacing with genuine or performance parts.

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There are certain item were pattern parts would be fine.
I run my GTO on a strict busget, so I would not hesitate to purchase pattern parts.

However, I don’ t have the time to call you Rob ! ! :smile:
I am amazed anyone does!!

Please update your website!! :slight_smile:



I think as others have already mentioned someones budget will always play the deciding factor on which parts they will buy, so having a choice of pattern or original is always a good thing, in this case i see it being the better option for us as someone like Rob is willing to try and source better quality pattern parts, a form of quality control as i see it :slight_smile:
I’m for it.

I will always use original parts if i cant afford them ill save until i can,the main reason for me is if it ever comes to selling the car and its loaded with pattern parts buyers may think the cars been maintained cheaply and on a budget,not the signals i want to send out,thats just me though im sure theres a big market for pattern parts on these cars from what ive read since re joining

I think i already have enough replies to see that it would be a benefit to you guys for me to do this…

I will source good quality stuff, but it probably wont be the cheapest but will come with 12 months warranty and be of a good enough quality to survive being used on a 1,7 tonne car.

I already have a local owner who s happy to test stuff on his daily hack to test it all for us.
Its not about the money, its about the stuff being of good enough quality not to cause problems

I will post something up when it all goes live shortly

Cheers rob

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You can even call it ‘porper parts’ mate :grin:

I agree, some pattern parts would be fine on most people’s rides and a lot of folk (me included) don’t have vast amounts of cash to burn on what is essentially a Hoby. Just wouldn’t be skimping on things like timing belt or brake discs made of tin foil.

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Yes rob ,great idea, running a Gto on a budget, lol

Nah it’s fine it’s all about choice for the customer, so why not, after all most of the aftermarket stuff we stick on is junk, so why give pattern parts a hard time.

Aint that the truth Gavin and it all comes out of the good old US of A who had it made in China…lol

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Many products are made by the Chinese for many things, look at your daily life and tell me at some point you don’t buy ■■■■ as you all call it. The reason why the Chinese are and have done so well is their business are attitudes to trade, OK they may pay their workers in rice, chain them to their machines, give them 10 of the best but we buy the ■■■■ becouse our manufacturing business was sold out by our government… why becouse everyone wants cheap, they want it now not when they have waited 6 months for someone in the uk to say " I can supply that " whatever you do in regards testing stuff however good you think it is someone will always complain. I used to buy some military straps from wales cheap good quality yet went bust now it’s all chinese and tbh no f different, the Chinese have seen the error of their ways in many forms we as a nation spend less buying ■■■■ so they have had to adapt and prices have increased along with quality of product.
If you plan to stock non mitsubishi parts, crap parts as you yourself call them I suggest you have plenty of stock when you do, people won’t wait 3 weeks for a simple dump valve or hot wire kit they will go somewhere else your business may not suffer in the beginning due to your reputation as supplying quality parts but let people down with service you will suffer.
Business ethics dictate that the customer comes first you may think as I do myself you work for yourself that you are answer to know one yet the customer at the end of the week dictates your earnings not your lack of stock, lack of production or service.
Once again as I have said many times on this forum classic cars are for all to enjoy…people don’t judge those that may want to try on a budget to drive a childhood dream, not everyone one thinks too much is never enough…


I think it was me that said they were crap.strong text

In my industry just about everyone of our customers have a disclaimer on purchase orders that state no chinese components can be used. I fell that this is a legacy thing and that it is slowly becoming less relevant. Changes in automation and manufacturing techniques means the quality isnt as bad as it used to be. Most of the electronic components in our electronics boards are chinese and we have a 100% reliability rate. Not one failure in 10 years of using the same electronics!

On the original subject @GSXRKID. Yes i think it is a great idea to get this sort of thing going now before genuine parts supply dries up. However, i would say that as long as original parts are still available and are not removed and replaced with the pattern parts (as long as this is possible), and they should be on a completely separate section on your website so it is completely clear what you are buying. Not that i would accuse you of misleading buyers I know you aren’t like that. But buyers can be a bit trigger happy and not read what they are buying. “Oh yeah thats a coilpack lets buy that…” without reading the description that says it is a pattern part.
Maybe a new header like your “Geniune parts” one. Have one called “Pattern parts”.

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Lol basically it sounds like

Get your stuff all done on your website,


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Hi Rob
Had a few conversations on this haven’t we…dare I mention ABS sensor. I’m at the point of no return and want to keep my car running… Now and into the future…so I guess you know my response… I’m in mate


I personally would go for genuine dealer made parts over reproduction copys on all makes of vehicles be it mitsubishi, vauxhall, ford or any other make due to a bad accident i was once in due to a badly made reproduction wheel bearing. With all that being said as mentioned in previous post as the parts run out and no longer available there will obviously be a need for pattern parts to be used to keep these cars on the road and the sooner good quality parts are sourced that stand up to the test of time the better for all of us.

lets face it as said we all work to different budgets and we all own these cars for different reasons and have different views on the best way to go about keeping them running and what we would like to do with them engine bay wise, style wise its all about personal choice as are the parts you buy from the most expensive to the cheapest if your happy with it all good and job done.