Xmas do 2014

Have had a reply back from the Hilton Hotel in Coventry with there

Christmas Festive Events 2014 Festive ‘Stars in your Eyes’ Minster Suite – inclusive of 3 Course Set Dinner, Tribute Act & Disco.

Here are the events there holdng and dates.

Together with a ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ Tribute and Disco you have the recipe for the perfect Christmas. Gather in the Bar for pre-dinner drinks. Dinner will be served at 8.00pm prompt followed entertainment and dancing until 1.00am.

Saturday 29th Nov ’14 ~ Rewind to the 80’s Tribute Night ~ £25.95 per person

Friday 5th Dec ’14 Rhianna Tribute Night ~ SOLD OUT

Friday 12th Dec ’14 ~ Take That Tribute Night ~ £34.95 per person

Saturday 13th Dec ’14 ~ Michael Jackson ~ £34.95 per person

Thursday 18th Dec ’14 ~ Motown Tribute Night ~ £25.95 per person

Friday 19th Dec ‘14 ~ Kylie Tribute Night ~ £28.95 per person

Saturday 20th Dec ’14 ~ UB40 Tribute Night ~ £34.95 per person

Creamy white mushroom soup with tarragon (V)
Turkey Roulade with cranberry jus
Goats cheese tartlet (V)
Christmas Pudding Cheesecake with mandarin sauce
Freshly Brewed Coffee
Single room £50.00 with breakfast / Double room £60.00 with breakfast

If interested think the best dates would be Sat 29 Nov, Sat 13 Dec or sat 20 Dec depending on what you as members would like.

Good work Dave.

Price & Venue both look good and entertainment all adds to it.

Just for feedback purposes, I think it has to be a Saturday, and personally think 29th November is a little early (although 80’s compared to Michael Jackson could sway me), and 20th December may be a little close to Xmas in regards of people having other family/work parties etc, so I’d go for 13th December.

But as always will go with the flow, although we may be on holiday on the 20th, but don’t let that stop you - and don’t tell Steve he doesn’t know yet, :rofl:

Hope others come along to help with thoughts as its never easy trying to arrange something which has been in the same place for years, and we are definately due for a refreshing change.

Tracie :lol:

Thanks Tracie, personally was thinking having the :party: on the 13th would be good as well…as for not telling Steve he’s going on holiday is a bit late especially if he reads your post mentioning it :rofl:

I’m personally up for the Take That tribute. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

13th good for me and it all sounds good. Andy you need help :lol:


13th would be good for me as long as its a proper tribute with pyrotechnics where he catches fire again :lol:

Stevie you don’t need to worry about flying anymore either , its not turbulence that gets you nowadays , its surface to air missiles , hope that calms your nerves somewhat :lol: :lol:

Craig :slight_smile:

Thought you might of been up for the Kylie tribute :rofl: :rofl:

Waco Jacko’s my fav too

Have just put a poll on the original post so can have idea on date also in case anyone is wondering about paying for parking at the Hotel no need…

Its complimentary for Christmas parties

Just realised I won’t be able to make the 13th Dec as I’ll be heading off to NZ. So plumped for 29th Nov.

Would be nice to know who has cast a vote, so know who is interest in coming rather than just voting.

The only problem with giving everyone a choice is they will all want different things ie dates & tributes, About the only i would not want to see is a Michael ■■■■■■■■■■ Jackson tribute act, Any of the others i would probably see :roll: Brilliant idea cos the ones i did were getting a little stale to say the least, Now i don’t want to be a killjoy but for a couple: £60 B+B, More or less £70 for the tribute act, + drinks + fuel & you are looking at a £200 night out, it may just put one or two people off :roll: but good luck with it anyway.

PS Looking back at previous years the cost is no more and you get a tribute act as well so not a bad price really

Julian, :roll:


Just saying not a bad price compared with previous years but still equates to a £200 night out, nice if you can afford it in these austere times :cry:

Julian. :smiley:

That was confusing :smiley: Times are tough but i actually thought a Hilton with entertainment was going to be more expensive. Christmas is getting costly everywhere.


Just a shame they don’t do say a Cabaret type of night as that would appeal to a larger cross section of members, whereas tribute nights only appeal to a certain section of people & we as a club need to be thinking everybody rather than Michael Jackson fans or whichever night was agreed on, Experience over the last few years taught me its hard enough as it is to get people to come to these events in the first place without limiting who would attend, All credit to Dave for his time and effort in this but maybe another option could be looked at :roll: Just my opinion you understand

Julian. :smiley:

If the options for the Xmas do are not your liking I apologise to all the members of the club.

If anyone has any other opitions for the Xmas do then please feel free to post…

I appreciate all the hard work that Julian has put in to the Xmas do’s over the past years…but as they say ‘A change is as good as a rest’.

I voted for the 13th.

You have done well here Dave, lets make it a Xmas Do and a half:-)

Julian you seem a bit negative on your post, didn’t you organise a tribute band at xmas Do, The Supremes if I remember?

If you add the price of what the club paid for the entertainment then this event is well cheaper.

As this is the last meet of the year and one not to miss, I think we could see what’s available in anyway of subsidisation.

Dave your doing well mate

Must admit Motown and the supremes tributes isn’t exactly my thing , but went with the flow and enjoyed it for what it is , anyone that can stand up and perform well in front of people command a certain respect that should be appreciated

Im guessing a lot of people wouldn’t want an Anthrax or megadeath kind of tribute act , although I know a good few of us will enjoy it

Craig :slight_smile:

I agree with you Dave & i was the first to agree that the previous Xmas parties were getting a little stale & you are to be applauded for taking on such a thankless task :roll: I knew as soon as i said something i would be shall we say shot down in flames as i am clearly not flavour of the month, Your right Steve i did arrange a Tribute ( Supremes & Motown ) act & it really did not work, on the other hand when we got Carole to sing on her own ( Cabaret type act ) everyone agreed it went down like a storm, so really i speak from experience & all I was doing was trying to offer a little advice on the subject but if that is negativity then i will keep my mouth shut, I really thought the post went up in the first place to get the views & thoughts of the members ( of which i am one )