Birthday Bash 2018 13/14/15 July





Terry :sunglasses:


Is that just for Friday night ?


Would try but unfortunately iv got two 10 year olds and a girlfriend with me :joy: wouldn’t go down very well lol


Stevie & Tracie
James J. (Dave) - will be bringing event shelter
waller1987 + 3
Terry be bringing my new tent hahahahahahahahaha
Kevin & Sophie Friday night
Jensen & Paige Saturday night elgrandoc
Scott & Kelvin daytime
Jerry SC
Dave & Sophie (elgrandoc)
Dan, Jo & Ellie Saturday
Evil Robert (Saturday, unless he breaks down or forgets to post himself :joy:)
Marty 1 night


Briiliant Tracie


I’ll be there for one of the nights.
Not decided which night yet.


Hello everyone, just stumbled across this, I might be able to make this, need to check the diary.


A little reminder of last year’s antics :astonished:


Good post revival , enjoyed looking back through that , I’d pre order pizza next time though :+1:


I actually looked and thought omg! Hide :sweat_smile:


@lukas are you coming to this? You were our stand up comedian entertainment last year :joy::joy::rofl:



I’m amazed he could stand @Tracie, he knew about it the following day though :joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


We won’t be getting ther until around 6.30-7 on the Friday is that ok with getting in etc


Can’t see it being a problem, but will check for you Kevin.


Cheers mate we wanted to come in the morning but we haven’t got anyone to have indie until 5 then we will travel down it’s only just over an hour away :grin: then we can pop the tent up and get the vodka out :ok_hand:


Hi kev
Just spoke to them.
They are open 24 hours a day.
So you can turn up whenever you want bud.
See you there :grinning:


Great ok I’m sure you will hear me coming :grin:


Do we get the entry tickets at the security post thing like the last time I went


When you pay they email you a reference number, you take this to reception on the left of the gate as you pull in.

Or sometime they have them at the gate ready to collect.



Great ok :ok_hand: