Birthday Bash 2018 13/14/15 July


Just a week away now guys!
Really looking forward to this. Seems like ages since Silverstone.


Stevie & Tracie
James J. (Dave) - will be bringing event shelter
waller1987 + 3
Terry be bringing my new tent hahahahahahahahaha
Kevin & Sophie Friday night
Jensen & Paige friday night elgrandoc
Scott & Kelvin daytime
Jerry SC
Dave & Sophie (elgrandoc)
Dan, Jo & Ellie Saturday
Evil Robert (Saturday)
Marty (Saturday)


Quick note on this while I’m here… @James3000GT is bringing events shelter… I suggest we group away from the rest of the field towards the river maybe? Got told off alot at night last year. tho this wasn’t my fault. :astonished:


I’ll be there overnight sat.


Looks like I’ll be coming on my 1 as we can’t get a sitter for indie


Bring her with you :joy:


It’s a no go for me! Have to work next weekend :grimacing:


After the state we get in we’d loose her :rofl:


What are we doing about food/meals, are we just all bringing our own and fending for ourselves.

I don’t mind either way but I seem to recall a conversation about doing food all together?

Just need to know what to buy that’s all, is anyone taking a BBQ?



Think Simon & James were talking about it at Combe Castle meet Tracie, might be worth an ask


I was just going to bring my little camping stove thing and some food


Hi @Tracie I spoke with @3000gt at castle Combe and we were thinking of doing a BBQ on the Saturday afternoon/evening so we call all relax and eat together. Regarding Friday some go to the pub etc but I will still fire up the BBQ. As for food on Saturday we were thinking of popping to Tesco on the Saturday afternoon to get some food. How this is paid for is up to Simon either out the club or everyone chips in?



That’s great James, thanks, happy to chip in for Saturday’s food it will be fresher than bringing it with us on the Friday (can I pay a bit extra for coleslaw :kissing_heart:), we can collect the money there for anyone who wants the ‘communal’ BBQ before you shop, so you know quantities etc.

So ALL attending:-

Friday - DIY or pub - but James will have his BBQ fired up.
Saturday DIY or Club organised BBQ (with a small fee)

Sorted, easy peasy.



As it’s you @Tracie I will make some coleslaw- much nicer than that vinegar soaked supermarket stuff.



Oh you are such a star James, home made to die for, thank you.




That is
S ayche 1 Tee :rofl::rofl::rofl:



I’m thinking of coming down on Fri in the elgrand with lil, heading home for the night then bringing Sulley down on Sat with Paige.
If we are thinking of a BBQ for sat I could bring fresh meat,buns ect over then?


Just want I’ve always wanted


Bogoff :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: