Birthday Bash 2018 13/14/15 July


Be nice to have Lil there, Friday night might somewhat tarnish her opinion of those ‘FB friends’ of yours though :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Be nice to meet Paige on Saturday you’d better be bringing :dog::dog::dog::dog: too :yum:



Shame I’m missing it now if there’s new people to impress , nothing like being a good role model promoting the club


If lil comes on Friday she will bring Lexi for a visit for you Tracie.


X ten because it’s needed :joy:


Oh thank you.

That’s my weekend sorted @James3000GT making me coleslaw, Lil beinging Lexi, Im happy.

Ready to relax and chill out.



So who’s booking an extra night for the final then… it’s coming home :soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer:


You taking large screen tv Dave


C’mon Dave, bring the big screen :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Terry :sunglasses:


I think we should reconvene here Wednesday at 9pm :joy:


Is that a yes then when we reach final :wink:


Yeh if it’s a final we should all stay Sunday an get pi$$ed :joy::joy::grinning:


Colin ment to ask pls can you bring the red light inserts next weekend?




School night ain’t it, can imagine the School being empty Monday tho if we did :soccer:


Will do mate


School night my ar$e that’s what the sicky day was invented for :grinning:


Don’t worry You’ll be fine , this will help :hugs:


All packed today… meals for 2 in freezer, can’t wait to try out my new pikie lifestyle.


See your still premature mr p


You folks are going to have a glorious weekend for it , billing is beautiful in that kind of weather with all its lakes and waterways cutting through .


You’ll be missed Craig but have a great weekend with your Bro.