GTOUK Christmas Party, 15th December 2018 - FINAL LINE UP


Strange how yourself and @James3000GT are bringing your wives this time after your little brokeback bromance at jae , won’t fool us lot though .

We are also keeping an eye on you big time , it’s one thing stealing the bacon at jae on the evening but do that in the hotel and we will all be in trouble



After a few hiccups I can confirm the food orders are in and correct.
After numerous emails with different numbers of meals with the hotel, it was sorted with one quick message…to Tracie who sorted the lot in a few minutes :joy:
Thanks again Tracie.


Thanks Jensen but I thought I was in disguise :joy::joy::joy: and you’ve done most of the hard work.



Team effort to make sure everyone gets a meal :wink:
Also helps to name someone else so if it goes wrong it’s not all my fault :joy::joy:


Well done folks, this is going to be a great xmad do.


Is this some sort of code cult word “xmad” @jerry_SC ? Newbie’s are going don’t scare then off :joy:


Bit of a typo, good though :grin::grin::grin:


Well done all. What time is the meal served ?
Still got family stuff to do in the day :frowning:


Hi mate.
I was supposed to check for you and must admit I forgot. Sorry.
Will call them in the morning and try to get a time.


OK thanks I hope your well?


Meal is normally after 7pm


This time next week it will have all gone off :joy::joy: going to be a good one this year I feel , lots of people going , passing of the torch etc with old and new members , journeys starting and journeys ending


Meal time is around 7pm. What time do we get there as I’m sure @jensenrichardson said afternoon time. I might be wrong buddy


It’s kind of a staggered arrival from about 12 onwards depending on people’s commitments on the day.



We will be getting there around 1-2pm I’m guessing :grin:


Have a fantastic time this weekend people :+1: will be thinking of you all and missing the fun terribly.
( So my phone will be off due to the threat of Craig’s Facebook tags :rofl:)

Drive safely…

Dave :heart:


Thanks Dave, real shame you can’t make it, we’ll all have 2 or 3 for you and you can be subliminally tispy :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Have fun folks


Looks’like we are going to have to tag @Colin_GTO instead then

Shame to see some of you guys/ regulars couldn’t make it you will be missed :beers:

Craig :slightly_smiling_face:


Enjoy all.
I’m still stuck in Panama. Otherwise I would’ve been there.
Happy Xmas and all that.
Looking forward to a great 2019.