YOUR Items For Discussion At The AGM

As said on the main event thread HERE the GTOUK AGM is the opportunity to have ‘your say’ and vote on items discussed on the day.

However, we appreciate that not everyone can attend for various reasons, but if you would like to put a thought/idea/suggestion forward for discussion and voting on by those who do attend please do so here.

It can relate to anything, the running of the Club, or helping out with doing so, the Club Shop, Events, Merchandise etc, unfortunately as stated on previous occasions, items can not be decided via a Forum vote due to the rules of the Club Constitution, but the Committee are happy to take your ideas to the meeting for a decision to be made by attendees there.

Tracie :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


I would like to discuss a way to continue to fund the club and the events we do, with the lack of attendance at events .


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It is a problem most forums face, not all people far south want to travel to the midlands and if there was a southern meet no one would support the main

Some suggestions on improving income:
• have a higher rate membership that gives a discount or special offers with sponsors or perhapse EE would be willing to do a 5% for full+ members?
• highter rate memebership comes as std with the usb manual if costing allows its discounting to fit.
• gtouk sponsored rolling road days where members pay in and the club has various locations iy can take place and a day is set for everyone to decend on
• small papyal rolling donation for those who want too
• some additions to the shop of different design to whats there, t- shirts stickers
• perhapse look to getting more foreign owners involved with the forum and its wealth of infomation.
• is there an instagram page that can be used to get awareness

The std and higher rate membership have exactly the same forum benefits but some icing for those who see the value in putting abit more in


Only point I will pick up on quickly there is the t shirt thing

A good few years back it was agreed on the committee that we would have an “identity” that way when the club is out at a meet we all stand out but also all show the gtouk colours so to speak

Two meets stick in my mind , Japs at Thoresby , first time in club colours and with Steve &Tracy taking over we had the events shelter and bbq etc and nailed best club stand

The other time was Japfest at coombe , talk about turning heads

We stand out so much more when wearing the official club gear , now if we have other designs of t shirts , these will undoubtedly be worn and the identity fades away again


I think wvent wear and normal clothing are quite different and there is an opening for subtle gto related designs

Something like this with a GTO outline and TT or GTO beind it

Also a redbubble account with designs on where the public can buy gto related stuff, doesnt have to be a club branded page just means people who search for these cars can find something to buy and the club profits

I am working on an outline of my profile pic so will get a move on

Might be worth doing a month on and off subscription, it might get annoying with people joining, paying then leaving but each time the pay a one off £5 then £2 a month after might appeal to them mor than the £20 and helps the club out.

Maybe if you can get a deal or a suppy for the gto club sticker for the car, I wouldnt mind having 1 on the rear side window, let’s people know about the club as well, and then depending on if it’s too much hassle with their name on here under it so people know who to look for.

Do you mean something like this, that you can wear out and about normally, without sticking out too much

But obviously a gto

Yeah and it can just sit there without any extra club work and people can buy at their leisure

All interesting suggestions and keep them coming :+1:

Of course do try and come along to the AGM as this is a real opportunity to help decide how the club operates in the future.


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I have both :sunglasses::rofl:

I wouldn’t mind having some "everyday " gto/gtouk branded tops and I would also like some subtle Gtouk badges for the cars or maybe number plate surrounds.
I get what @CDMH is saying about the club stand but I’m sure anyone manning the stand would want to wear the official shirt and can be encouraged to do so.
I think the club shirt is fantastic, a brilliant design, but I wouldn’t wear it regularly as I want to keep it in as good condition as possible, also I know other members of my family would wear more subtle items as above , and it would also give gtouk members options for buying such garments as presents for friends and family.


hi all,

I think the idea about expanding to other countries is a good one, or, if there are other GTO clubs, have links between us.

I wonder if some of the detail we have in the forum (like the maps as a good example) could be in the main tabs at the top of the website. that way we could build our more of a user guide:

  • maps of where we are and garages are on the site - members only
  • how to videos that could also be on YouTube but as links to this site, there’s loads of videos we could do between us, make some free, some you need to be a member
  • update the buyers guide with some more pictures - free to all
  • maybe have a two tier membership - premium gets you access to the videos for example, maybe also gets discounts?

one more idea

bit of a database on the cars. bit like the garage section we have but with more details on the cars and history. over time it could be really useful if you want to buy a car and check its history - again, members only


Have an instagram for the gto, has about 110 followers. Atleast 80 are overseas

What about adding a dodge stealth section with its history

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might work as a a club perk you could pay to register the car and its history with the club and full members could check to see if it has a club history and then pay a few quid to get it sent as a file instead of serching through the club site for it :thinking:
as would be alot of work to sort so would be a bit much to just add to the membership and some wouldnt want to have there cars listed

I’d like a club track day, I know they’re expensive So it’d mean high attendance and there’s events like japfest that Allow you on track but that’s with “other” cars :joy:.
Other than that an event in the north would be good as most events are 2.5 hours+ away from York so it takes a lot of planning with 4 German shepherds :joy:.

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How about something like this with GTOUK logo also and MK1 MK2 … in different color cars for casual wear ?
Light grey T-shirt Black MK1 x 2 for me please Thanks :smiley:


Would the a live chat room be possible?

We have one but didn’t really take off.


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I am in the process of sorting an integrated chatroom for the forum